I have been working on MyFyiReporting lately. There is a new wiki page describing how to use barcodes and qr codes (

I have also spent some time working on the reporting server. See for a more detailed info. Basically it is a site where users can view reports online.

If you check out the Issue11PdfUnicodeCharacters branch you will see I have finally merged in the iTextSharp fixes that allow cyrillic character support.

I have started putting together some nuget packages for My-FyiReporting. This should make it easier for those that wish to use the viewer or designer in their projects to setup everything.

At the moment I have the x86 package created. It includes .NET 3.5 and 4.0 dlls and will auto setup for your project type. See

I do not have the 64 bit package created yet but when it is created you should be able to get it from

These packages are a work in progress and currently still need a little work to make them perfect.

My-FyiReporting 4.5.2 has been released.

The main new features and bug fixes are:

  • RdlReader opens maximized and if only one report opened it opened it opens maximized
  • RdlReader can open files with command line arguments, allows dragging report onto reader icon to open report
  • RdlReader switched to toolstripmenuitem
  • RdlReader now has a toolstrip with open, print, and save as button
  • Icons upgraded to newer tango icons where possible
  • Some new copy right info added
  • Fix missing references
  • Several bug fixes in reader and asp project


I have decided to fork WarSetup. This is because it has not been updated in several years and was lacking some features that I needed.

I could switch to other software but I like warsetup and would prefer to continue using it. So until the main project starts releasing updates again I will be keeping my fork at

I have renamed the executable to WarPackager so there is no confusion between the main WarSetup and my fork.

Current added features WarPackager has over the main WarSetup are:

  • Wix 3.6 support
  • Wix 3.5 support
  • OS requirements detection XP SP3, Vista SP1 and SP2, Windows 7 and SP1, Windows 8
  • Option to require minimum .NET version (2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 full or client)
  • Command line arguments
    • -i "warsetup file to use.warsetup"
    • -c - compile msi automatically
    • -v "new product version number in format 1.1.1"
    • -a - auto increment version number before build and save
    • -e - auto exit after build

Download page:

There has been a little progress since the last update on My-FyiReporting.

A fix for Issue #15, start the reader program maximized has been committed.

A fix for issue #14 has been committed. if the reader is passed a report file as its first start up parameter will automatically open that report has also been committed.

In addition to these issues I noticed that rdlreader.exe would crash on start up if there were any files in list from the previous session. This has been fixed. I have also added a missing reference to rdlcri.dll t the rdlreader project.

Everyone that is interested in adding features or fixing bugs are encouraged to go to and create a fork and start sending in pull requests with your features and fixes.