I have spent a few hours the last couple of days doing some work on the zenphoto uploader I found a few days ago. I now consider the work I did on it to be good enough to use.

The source can be downloaded or the diffs to version 2 can be found at and

Some of the differences from version 2 are I have changed the GUI a bit. Added the ability to create a new album. Added the ability to preview image que.

These changes have not been accepted into the main zpu (not yet at least) but I will be creating a Windows installer package and page to go along with it at

I found an interesting new program yesterday. It is zpu (ZenPhoto Uploader). It is exactly what I was looking for. It allows you to upload entire directories of photos without having to do it manually with the webform. I know it can be down by ftp but I am using an easy one click install from dreamhost for simplicity and it only supports the web form upload process.

So zpu saved the day for me. I had to make a few changes to make it work on Windows; they have since been included to become 0.2.

I also am working on some GUI changes to make it nicer to work with. Hopefully they will get included as well.