DreamHostAPI Nearing First Release

Looking through the code I have for the .NET dreamhost library I can now say that I have 100% of the private server API covered. Unless I have overlooked something, as far as I can tell I only have the Announcement list left to do.

This has been an interesting project and a nice introduction to a few simple aspects of .NET programming. Once the announcement API is finished I am not sure if I will continue with this project. If I do continue I will clean up the code somewhat and make the error reporting more useful.

The example user interface that I have been programming along with the library is also coming along. It does not implement all the library features yet but you can adjust your memory usage, list private server history and stats, list: users, domains, dns information.

Still to be done with the GUI is to is: save user information in a configuration file and load it when the program opens, setting most of the private server settings, announcements, and adding and removing DNS.