I have been working on devede again. I have built it on windows 7 64bit. It has not been tested on windows 2000, xp, 2003 or vista. It has also not been tested on windows 7 32 bit. I suggest everyone try it and let me know how it works on the other systems as I will not be testing it there.

If everything is working out with it I will put a link on the devede page.

Note: After installing on the first run it does not work to well. You need to close it and rerun it and it works good after that.

I have just recently upgraded to windows 7. As I am now only using windows 7 I will not be testing on window xp. The good news is I should run into problems that people having noting they see on windows 7 and be able to fix them.

I have been testing and building devede on windows 7 today and it seems to be working much better. Maybe I will upload a new installer soon.

I just noticed that the main devede project is now hosted on github. This will make it easier to work on the windows port.

Master: Windows fork:

I have moved the devede windows source code to github. This should make it easier for anyone who wants to do any work or modifications to devede.

All installer packages will still be host on

UPDATE: 09/03/2011 Source code is now hosted at github:

UPDATE: 04/03/2011 Uploaded new package with bug fixes.

I have written a small .NET wrapper library for MPlayer . This has been tested on Windows XP/7 and Ubuntu Linux 10.10. It should work fine on OS X and anywhere else that mono runs.

On windows it requires that there be a directory and file “backend\mplayer.exe” in it in the same folder as the dll. On all other system it requires that mplayer be installed and in the path. It may require some tweaks to getting working on some systems.

It can play both audio and video files. It includes a sample user interface.

It currently supports play, pause, stop. seek and some other basic functionality. I only add new features as I require them or people send in patches.