There is a bug in devede when using imgburn to create an ISO file; it would prompt you for the files system type.. I just committed a fix to my subversion repository to fix this. It was basically a typo. The code had /FILESYSTEM “ISO9960 + Joliet” when it should of been /FILESYSTEM “ISO9660 + Joliet”.

Once it has been built and tested I will be uploading a new build of devede for windows.

This is a short list of the steps necessary to build a DeVeDe release for Windows.

See also for instructions on setting up DeVeDe environment on Windows.

  • Update - version
  • Update version.txt
  • Upload version.txt to website
  • Run to zip source code and create exe
  • Run devede-setup.warsetup - update version number - creates msi package
  • Upload source to website
  • Upload msi package to website
  • Create torrent of msi package an upload to website
  • Update website with link to torrent and date uploaded

I am releasing DeVeDe win32 3.16.9 build 6 as of this moment. Download from

With this release all deadlock issues while reading progress from the backend programs should be fixed on Windows.

I have re-enabled progress percent on the video conversion stage, mpg to vob stage and the mkisofs stage (for those that are using mkisofs instead of imgburn)

It has the same speed as the current devede with the progress percent turned off but about a 25% speed improvement from previous versions that displayed the percent finished.

I have also added a new program option so you can choose if you are using imgburn or mkisofs.

devede.exe -imgburn will use imgburn if present. If this option or if imgburn is not present devede will fall back to mkisofs. By default the -imgburn option is being set.

Also included is the newest version of imburn at the moment and a newer version of mencoder and mplayer.

A small IronPython script that I used to find files that names were to long to copy to my Windows XP computer.

import clr
import System
import System.IO

# A small IronPython script to copy files and check for filename length violations on windows xp.

def CheckFilesRecursively(target):
    DirectoryInfo target
    #directory info
    for x in target.GetDirectories():
        if len(x.FullName) > 200:
            print x.FullName, "lenth:", len(x.FullName)
    for x in target.GetFiles():
        print x.FullName, "lenth:", len(x.FullName)
        if len(x.FullName) > 255:
            print x.FullName, "lenth:", len(x.FullName)

def CopyFilesRecursively(source, target):
    DirectoryInfo source, DirectoryInfo target
    for x in source.GetDirectories():
        print "Creatig Directory:", target.FullName + x.Name
        CopyFilesRecursively(x, target.CreateSubdirectory(x.Name));
    for x in source.GetFiles():
        print "Copying:", x.FullName
            x.CopyTo(System.IO.Path.Combine(target.FullName, x.Name), True); #overwrite
        except System.Exception as ex:

def WriteLine(msg):
    filePath = System.IO.Path.Combine("MajorSilence-Debug.txt")
    System.IO.File.AppendAllText(filePath, System.DateTime.Now.ToLongDateString() + " " + System.DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString() + System.Environment.NewLine)
    System.IO.File.AppendAllText(filePath, msg.Message + System.Environment.NewLine + msg.StackTrace + System.Environment.NewLine)
    System.IO.File.AppendAllText(filePath, System.Environment.NewLine + System.Environment.NewLine)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    -s source directory to copy files
    -t target directory to copy files
    -c if found it will copy the -s to the -t if not found -s and -t will have filename length check run
    -h Display Help
    for i, x in enumerate(System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs()):
        if x == "-s": # source
            source_path = System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs()[i+1]
        elif x == "-t": # target
            target_path = System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs()[i+1]
        elif x == "-c": # Copy source to target
            copy_source = True
        elif x == "-h" or x == "--help":

    e_length = len(System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs())
    if help or System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs()[e_length-1] == "":
        print help_msg

    print "source path:",source_path
    print "target path:",target_path
    if copy_source:
        CopyFilesRecursively(System.IO.DirectoryInfo(source_path), System.IO.DirectoryInfo(target_path))
        if source_path != "":
        if target_path != "":

I have uploaded a new msi package of DeVeDe 3.16.9 Build 2. It has disabled the percentage progress on what I believe is everything and now only has pulsing progress bars. This should alleviate all dead lock issues when running DeVeDe on Windows; at least I hope it does as I hardly ever run into the issue it is hard to tell. Over the coming weeks (months) I am hoping to re-enable the percentage progress bars. I figure it is better to have working program then one that only works partially.

Download from the DeVeDe page