Finished reading chapter 19 Factory Pattern Method.




MajorSilenceConnect is a basic replacement for ultravnc single click that uses the regular ultravnc server winvnc.exe. I find that this works much better on Windows Vista/7. Requires .NET 2.0. Currently this project only supports the port forwarding setup (does not support repeater mode) because that is all I need. It should be simple enough to add repeater support if it is ever needed. How compile MajorSilenceConnect Source code You need Visual Studio C# 2008. In the resources/helpdesk.xml you will find:

    <support>Support 1</support>

<support> is what shows in the gui that the client will double click. <address> is the address/port that it will attempt to connect to. - for a solution with repeater mode and OSX support. - UltraVNC - .NET exe compressor

Read the chapter “The Template Method Pattern”. Had a hard time concentrating on this chapter.

To quote the book: “Define the skeleton of an algorithm in an operation, deferring some steps to subclasses. Redefine the steps in an algorithm without changing the algorithm’s structure.” Design Patterns Explained chapter 18 page 283.


Since I believe in its current state DeVeDe will never run as good on Windows as it does on Linux I have decided to write a small clone of the DeVeDe dvd module using .NET.