WARNING. Do not use. This is one big experiment.

crystalcmd is a:

Java and c# program to load json files into crystal reports and produce PDFs.

Server side hosting


Client side

Curl example


curl -F "reportdata=@test.json" -F "reporttemplate=@report.rpt" https:///export --output testout.pdf

# test localhost
curl -F "reportdata=@test.json" -F "reporttemplate=@report.rpt" https:///export --output testout.pdf

C# example

Add the package Majorsilence.CrystalCmd.Client to your project.

dotnet add package Majorsilence.CrystalCmd.Client 

cs code

DataTable dt = new DataTable();

// init reprt data
var reportData = new Majorsilence.CrystalCmd.Client.Data()
    DataTables = new Dictionary<string, string>(),
    MoveObjectPosition = new List<Majorsilence.CrystalCmd.Client.MoveObjects>(),
    Parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>(),
    SubReportDataTables = new List<Majorsilence.CrystalCmd.Client.SubReports>()

// add as many data tables as needed.  The client library will do the necessary conversions to json/csv.
reportData.AddData("report name goes here", "table name goes here", dt);

// export to pdf
var crystalReport = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes("The rpt template file path goes here");
using (var instream = new MemoryStream(crystalReport))
using (var outstream = new MemoryStream())
    var rpt = new Majorsilence.CrystalCmd.Client.Report(serverUrl, username: "The server username goes here", password: "The server password goes here");
    using (var stream = await rpt.GenerateAsync(reportData, instream, _httpClient))
        return outstream.ToArray();