My-FyiReporting Android Port

I have been working on porting the core of My-FyiReporting to Android. I am making good progress. I do not believe there is much at all that needs to be removed or changed in RdlEngine, DataProviders, or RdlCri. This is because instead of rewritting the drawing code I am using a compatibility layer to imitate System.Drawing.

Where the actual work comes in is writing a compatibility layer over androids drawing functions. To do this I have forked to and have started adding method stubs, enums, classes, etc… for the functionality that is missing. Once My-FyiReporting is able to compile I will start the work on implementing the System.Drawing function internals.

You can see the initial My-FyiReporting changes in the android branch.

Once this is all completed I will start work on winrt and monotouch.