FyiReporting Fork

As it seems that fyiReporting has died I have made a fork ( I have merged in patches from the fyiReporting forum. I have made build scripts to create .net 2 and .net 4 packages. I also slowly fixing bugs as I come across them. I have converted the solutions to visual studio 2008 format and fixed the references so the source code will build.

The projects should also build with no problems using visual studio express 2008 or 2010.

I have a couple reasons for this:

  1. I want to have a free reporting solution that I can use in my own projects
  2. I want a reporting solution I can run on mono/
  3. I want that reporting solution to be somewhat compatible with Microsoft reporting
  4. I need to know it is not going to disappear
  5. I want to make it easy for others to use

I currently have two bugs that I am slowly working on. The first is the RdlEngineConfig.xml file points to non-existent dlls so database support is not loaded in the designer. I think I will fix the postgresql and sqlite problem by including the required dlls in the project. For the other databases I will probably need to include any option to let users edit the paths to the dlls. The only problem with this is that it means the project will be 32bit instead of AnyCPU since sqlite is 32bit only on windows.

The second bug is that I want an designer user control that can be embedded in other applications. This means I will probably turn the current designer form into a user control and replace the current designer with a form with the new designer control added to the form.

Hopefully this will be useful to others besides myself.

Other free reporting solutions for .net: - this is another fork of fyiReporting but it also seems to have died