DeVeDe Release Sept 25 2010

I am releasing DeVeDe win32 3.16.9 build 6 as of this moment. Download from

With this release all deadlock issues while reading progress from the backend programs should be fixed on Windows.

I have re-enabled progress percent on the video conversion stage, mpg to vob stage and the mkisofs stage (for those that are using mkisofs instead of imgburn)

It has the same speed as the current devede with the progress percent turned off but about a 25% speed improvement from previous versions that displayed the percent finished.

I have also added a new program option so you can choose if you are using imgburn or mkisofs.

devede.exe -imgburn will use imgburn if present. If this option or if imgburn is not present devede will fall back to mkisofs. By default the -imgburn option is being set.

Also included is the newest version of imburn at the moment and a newer version of mencoder and mplayer.