UltraVNC Single Click Replacement

See https://github.com/majorsilence/MajorSilenceConnect


MajorSilenceConnect is a basic replacement for ultravnc single click that uses the regular ultravnc server winvnc.exe. I find that this works much better on Windows Vista/7. Requires .NET 2.0. Currently this project only supports the port forwarding setup (does not support repeater mode) because that is all I need. It should be simple enough to add repeater support if it is ever needed. How compile MajorSilenceConnect Source code You need Visual Studio C# 2008. In the resources/helpdesk.xml you will find:

    <support>Support 1</support>

<support> is what shows in the gui that the client will double click. <address> is the address/port that it will attempt to connect to. http://www.chunkvnc.com/ - for a solution with repeater mode and OSX support. http://uvnc.com/ - UltraVNC http://madebits.com/netz/ - .NET exe compressor