Windows DeVeDe Development Instructions

  • Optional
    • ImgBurn Support
    • Building Packages

This is a checklist of items and actions that must be performed to build/develop DeVeDe on Windows.

First there are several packages that must be installed. All packages are for x86 and not 64bit and all python packages are for version 2.6.*.

  • Install Python 2.7 (make sure it is 2.7 not 3.*) -
  • Install Python for Win32 Extensions - (direct
  • Install PyGTK 2.22 all in one installer -
  • Check out DeVeDe master from github (new url) - to setup git on windows see
  • From an install of devede ( copy the bin folder into the "src" folder. This provides the executables that DeVeDe requires to do its work.
  • Double click to start devede.
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    ImgBurn Support

    • Install ImgBurn -
    • ImgBurn is used when it is detected to create the ISO files. Otherwise mkisofs.exe is used and it has major problems on Vista and Windows 7.
    • ImgBurn must be run once after install to add its location to the registry path.
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      Building Packages

      If you plan on building windows executables for distribution you will also want to follow these steps.
      • Install py2exe - - direct link (
      • Install wix - As of this posting this is not currently integrated in devede win32 build but it will be soon.
      • From the GTK install directory copy the "etc", "lib", and "share" folders to the devede trunk folders. These are used when building devede.exe
      • Create zipped source package (, devede.exe (trunk\dist\devede.exe, you need the entire "dist" folder), and msi installers by running (You may have to edit this file to point to the correct location of python).
      • </ul> You may also want to download the GTK+ Preference Tool. You should be able to find it at This tool will allow you to set the GTK theme on your Windows user account. At this point DeVeDe should be running in a development environment on your computer.