Screen Video Capture

I needed a screen video capture software that was free and open source and worked with several different video types. I also wanted the program to record the proper screen colours. So I wrote a small program to do this. It uses mencoder to do the video processing so I will be able to add almost any video format as the output. Current it outputs mpeg/mp3 in an avi container.

See the two attached files. Warning, this is very alpha quality software. When doing a new recording always make sure it is in a new empty folder. It should not harm any other files but I would not take the chance. Tested on 64 bit Vista. Not sure how well it will work on Windows XP or 7.

It currently uses a lot of memory. Can only record from the primary screen. Only does full screen recordings. Which is fine for my needs.

It also currently highlights the mouse location and records from the computer mic.

UPDATE: Get the latest release and news from