windbg and .net dump files

Using windbg with c# dump files.


Setup symbol server source. Run the following two commands in powershell.

Install-Module -Name WintellectPowerShell -Scope CurrentUser
Set-SymbolServer -Public

At this point I had to restart my computer before windbg would pick up the symbol servers. Restarting windbg was not enough.

windbg x86

If loading 64bit dump of 32 bit .net process use soswow64.

Open windbg x86 -> Load dump file

Make sure correct sos symbols are loaded. You can accomplish this by running the analyze command.

!analyze -v

Run commands

.load soswow64
#.cordll -ve -u -l
.loadby sos clr
.load soswow64

# list all threads, high counts list threads that are running a lot

# replace X with the thread number

# Can only be called after calling ~Xs

# Check method parameters
!CLRStack -p