3.16.8 build2 / W7 Problems

New problem ever since updating to 3.16.8 build2 on a new build W7 Ult. machine. Basically DeVeDe fails to start. The process is running in Task Manager but no DeVeDe GUI. Tried it three times last night and eventually the GUI appeared, at which point DeVeDe successfully converted a movie file. Today, after restarting the machine and trying to use it again - exactly the same problem. Uninstalled build2 and reverted to build1 - no problem, starts every time, so I can only assume that this has something to do with the cycwin 1.7 update. I notice on the cygwin site that there are some configuration changes and some related 'warnings' there, but I'm no cygwin expert so it's hard to interpret. I'm only guessing that's where the problem lies....

I was having the same problem before the update to cygwin 1.7. It is probably hanging when checking if the backend programs exist and thus never shows the gui. I could take out the code that checks for mencoder, vcdimager, spumux ..... since they will always exist when install from the devede.msi.

If I get some free time tonight I think I will comment out that code and upload a new package to see if that is what is causing the problem. I am almost sure that is the problem since devede is written in python and subprocess handling on windows using python is very good (or I am just no good with python and windows). I believe that is supposed to be fixed in python 3.2, see http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-3145/.

In the past couple of days (out of desperation), I tried starting DeVeDe (Build2) using devede.exe directly rather than DevedeLauncher.exe - bingo! (so it seems...). DeVeDe starts and completes the job (creating an ISO in my case) perfectly and has started ever since. Go back to using the launcher....nothing. I believe this is the first build using the Launcher...? Why the need for it?

The only purpose of DevedeLauncher.exe is so devede displays its proper icon in the windows start menu on Windows Vista/7. This is only a temporary measure until py2exe supports creating python exe that display icons on vista/7. DevedeLauncher is not the cause of the problem. I can run devede.exe with or without the launcher, either way it only opens about 75% of the time now.

Well, firstly I have created a 'devede.exe' shortcut for the start menu, 'borrowing' the icon from DevedeLauncher (common method), so that's no issue. Otherwise, I would say that DeVeDe is starting 100% of the time on this Win7 system - I test it every time I boot to make sure!

I am currently running DeVeDe 3.12.4. I downloaded the latest version and tried to install it only to be told that it doesn't seem to support Win 7 64 bit. I would appreciate any suggestions.


I have it running on Windows 7 64 bit and I know other people are running it on Windows 64bit. It should work.

I just uninstalled DeVeDe and downloaded it from the site again (http://www.majorsilence.com/sites/default/files/devede-setup-3.16.9-buil...) and installed it with no warning or problems and it runs and converts videos.

Is installing it the problem or is running it after it is installed the problem? What error/warning messages are you getting?

I uninstalled the old version (I had not done this when I upgraded). Now, I've done a clean install and it launched. Previously, it didn't launch and instead gave me the 64 bit error. Awesome. Thanks Peter!

using DeVeDe devede 3.16.9-build4 on Win 7 64bit I encountered the following error:

Failed to write to the destination directory.
Check that you have privileges and free space there.

when trying to:
a) create Preview
b) Only convert film files to compliant MPEG files
c) Create disc structure
d) Create an ISO or BIN/CUE image, ready to burn to a disc

If checked all premissions but the dest folder has no restrictions (Granted all rights to Everyone)

what's going wrong, plz help


I just finished updating to 3.16.9 build and am also on Windows 7 (64 bit). It does not produce any error logs in the Event viewer. It was hit or miss with previous version(s) but I am having no luck today getting it to run.